OCR GCSE Computing: Example Controlled Assessment Report

As discussed at the Computing At School Wessex Hub meeting this evening, I have uploaded an example of a “grade A” Controlled Assessment report for the OCR GCSE Computing course. This work was created by David Joyce (a professional programmer) who is delivering the course to a small group of volunteer students at a school in Berkshire. He completed a report for a sample task, and asked OCR for feedback and a guideline grade:

A453 Grade “A” example (password strength)

He received some feedback from OCR as follows:

“The sample work that you sent is from the sample task.   It is well structured and each step is clearly explained and justified, mirroring the example we have provided for A grade standard work.  It is an excellent example of the type of work we are seeing from the most organised candidates. The overall marks would be obtained by looking at the complete set of three tasks to determine a numeric score for each section,  While we cannot  therefore supply numeric values for this, it is firmly in the top band of marks for each section.   May I remind you that candidates cannot use the sample task as one of thecontrolled assessment tasks.”
I hope this is of some use to those who are following the OCR GCSE Computing course!
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