Computing At Schools – Guildford Hub Meeting

A late but inspiring evening spent at the University of Surrey for the Guildford Hub Meeting of Computing At School (CAS). Some of the highlights were…

1) A demonstration of the educational java development environment “Greenfoot” from project project developer Neil Brown. He made it look very easy!

2) The opportunity to have an informal chat with Emma Mulqueeny of Young Rewired State. This was a particular highlight for me because I really enjoyed her contributions to the Guardian “Tech City Talk” podcast (as described in my previous blog post!).

If I can find the time and (more importantly) energy I would like to do a few constructive things in the near future to help the “getting kids coding” movement…

- Find out if there is a Hampshire Hub Meeting for Computing At School!

- Take part in (or organise!) a “Hack Day” event to get more kids coding in my local area

- Promote hack events and Young Rewired State to my talented GCSE Computing students

- Investigate links between local employers and school (eg. IBM Hursley Park)

- Create some tech career case-study videos to inspire students (abusing my informal links to Multiplay and Lionhead Studios)

If you didn’t listen to the Guardian Tech City Talk podcast, please do!

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