Guardian Tech Weekly podcast: Tech City Talk – Skills and Education

I often listen to this interesting podcast, but this week’s show (the first “Tech City Talk” episode) could not be more relevant to ICT teachers!

In this 40 minute podcast from Imperial College London, a panel discusses the role of ICT and Computing in UK education and how it might be changed to better expand the UK’s digital economy in the future.

Included on the panel are David Willetts MP (Minister of State for Universities and Science), Prof Jeff Magee (Principle of the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College),Dan Crow (CTO, Songkick) and Emma Mulqueeny (Rewired State andYoung Rewired State).

This is a really interesting discussion that anyone interested in “teaching kids to code” should listen to, and I have saved the podcast as an MP3 file in case the live site version becomes unavailable (contact me if you would like a copy).

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