First real lesson with Microsoft SmallBasic today. Used the excellent “SmallBasic Curriculum” lesson presentations that they provide, which worked well and saved a lot of planning/resource effort (although it took nowhere near 30 minutes for students to complete most tasks!).

Students recreated a “Hello World!” program, and then experimented with the properties (colours etc) of the TextWindow. They then moved on to variables that could store text, and some even started to work with “if” conditional statements (not from the lesson tasks, but just because they wanted to add logic to their code).

Even better news is that there is no need to install SmallBasic on your network to try it out; students can run the platform from a USB memory stick.

Surely a positive sign if the lesson is timetabled just before breaktime, but the students won’t leave at the end!

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  1. Ron Burns says:

    Have you looked at Alice?

  2. Dan Gardner says:

    Not yet!

    I need to make a judgement on which languages/environments we use based on the Controlled Assessment tasks of the OCR GCSE Computing (pilot) course. Some of the sample tasks could be completed using Scratch or BASIC…

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