Mobile Phone rooting, custom ROMS & overlocking… by 12 year olds!

It was Open Evening at school tonight, where prospective year 6 students and their parents tour the school.

In ICT we used our “ICT Leaders” to showcase work and tools that are used within the curriculum. Overall a lively and informative event.

On the interactive whiteboard we played a very polished “hit the target” game, created by one of our young ICT Leaders using Scratch. Very impressive and great fun!

I think the thing that surprised me the most this evening though was the in-depth technical discussion I had with a year-7 student. He has an HTC Wildfire mobile phone, which I noticed was runningĀ Android 2.3 (I spotted the black notification bar)… and so began a discussion about “rooting” Android, installing custom ROMs (not an easy process – I speak from experience!) and overclocking the phone’s processor “to stop Angry Birds being laggy.” All this experience (and advice!) from a 12-year-old…

This student has also created his own Android APP using the Google App Inventor. Perhaps the open nature of the Android operating system allows these children the same tinkering opportunities that the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 did back in the 80s?

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