Creating Mobile Apps with AppMakr

I presented my experiences of creating mobile apps with AppMakr at the Hampshire ICT Conference 2011. I hope those that attended the workshop found it interesting, and perhaps even useful.

I have trialled a small unit of work based on AppMakr with some year 9 ICT classes this year. I have been encouraged by their enthusiasm for the project, and in some places surprised by how well they have worked around the limitations that AppMakr has.

A criticism of AppMakr is that the data it can present could (and probably should) be presented in the form of a nicely mobile-formatted web page, rather than a native app on a device. Having said that, I do regularly use the BBC news mobile app on my own smartphone – therefore completely contradicting this idea!

Another criticism came from one of the conference delegates who attended the workshop, suggesting that actually publishing “school project” apps would mean filling up an already crowded app market with (relatively) low-quality apps with a very specific audience. This made me think of articles I have read that apply¬†Sturgeon’s Law to mobile app stores.

I have uploaded the presentation that I used at the conference for anyone who wants to refer to it. Feedback is always welcome, but might be ignored ; )

Creating Mobile Apps – Hants ICT Conference 2011

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